I Lead With Purpose Program: Exploring Key Principles That Will Unlock Your Leadership Hustle

Are you looking to find your true passion? Do you want to grow your leadership skills?  Are you a non-profit or for-profit organization looking to grow, have a desire for greater work fulfillment, or want to increase your social impact?

Maybe you are an aspiring, or novice entrepreneur, a leader looking for a career change? What about being a for-profit organization wanting to adopt the entrepreneurship lens? If this sounds like you, sign up now for our 3 day program to unlock your leadership hustle! Seats are limited!

We have two options available for you to pick from:

Option 1:

Our first option is attending the 3 month training only. If you think you have your leadership skills on the right track, but need a refresh to elevate you to that next level, then this may the option for you! 

Option 2:

Our second option is attending the 3 month training AND getting 3 coaching sessions with our facilitator. If you know you want to elevate your leadership skills to the next level, but want a little extra support, then this option may right for you! 

take control of


take control of



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